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Bright-Eyed Beauty.

The skin around your eyes is one of the most delicate areas. Gently hydrate, soothe and nourish with Jusu Body's Moringa Pearl Eye Serum. Our antioxidant-rich formulation reduces fine lines, dark circles and puffiness by promoting lymphatic drainage. Awaken your beautiful eyes.


  • Free from slippery silicones, alcohol or cosmeceuticals.

  • Moringa contains 30 + antioxidants that promote healthy skin and restore damaged skin cells and reduce puffiness. 

  • Superfoods brighten reducing fine lines, dark circles and around-the-eye puffiness.

Key Ingredients

Prickly Pear Seed Oil
Japanese Peppermint
JUSU Pulp Tincture & Infusion


Calm, tone and brighten with this refreshing, softly aromatic Japanese peppermint eye serum.


Put 1-2 drops on clean fingertips and dab under your eyes and along your brow line. Use once per day, ideally in the morning to brighten and hydrate your eyes following the natural detoxification process that happens as you sleep. Work away from your outer eye to your inner eye as the lymphatic system drains through your sinuses.

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Moringa Pearl Eye Serum

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