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Deluxe Face Gift Set for Oily/Acne-Prone Skin

Cleanse, detox and clear your complexion with 100% natural ingredients such as white willow bark, bentonite clay and organic cold-pressed oils, This fresh and tropically-infused skincare set promotes radiant and balanced skin, naturally.

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Gently remove impurities and calm your skin with this gently detoxifying deluxe face set for oily/acne-prone skin. Lime Chamomile Face Cleanser, Frankincense Pearl Face Serum, Moringa Pearl Eye Serum, Coconut Lime Face Cream, Lime Chamomile Face Polish, Glacial Clay Face Mask and Coconut Lime Night Oil clear blocked pores, balance your skin's natural oils and heal breakouts to reveal healthy, clear skin. Share the gift of beauty and vitality with your loved ones and give yourself a beautiful skincare array formulated to nourish and refresh your skin. Available online only. 

Camellia seed oil

balances, heals and restores your skin.

Oregon grape root tincture

has antibacterial, astringent properties that help prevent breakouts.

Jojoba oil

unclogs pores and maintains your skin’s natural moisture balance.

Jusu Jade pulp infusion

detoxifies, soothes and encourages healthy skin with powerful antioxidants.

Did you Know? //

Most skin products on the market for acne/oily-prone skin disrupt your natural oil balance causing increased breakouts, stripped and stressed skin.