Organically infused with nature

Nourish at a deeper level with Jusu lotions

Naturally hydrating. Naturally restorative. Exceptionally rich in nutrients. Love both sides of your skin the natural way with Jusu organic skin care.

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Jusu soaps, for clean skin with a clear conscience

Pulp-infused. Unrefined organics. As pure as pure can be. Jusu soaps create the hand-made, deep clean of every body’s dreams.

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Uncover a new you with Jusu scrubs

Reveal what’s underneath it all with an invigorating sugar scrub. Organically rejuvenating. Luxuriously smoothing. Perfectly Jusu.

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Jusu lip balms, for a naturally smoother condition

Naturally anti-inflammatory, impossibly hydrating, and exceptionally protective. Repair, soothe and condition the natural way with Jusu.

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Our Story

Our Story

The story of Jusu

Jusu Body’s organic roots sprouted in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with Jusu Bar in 2014 — the city’s premium cold-press juice bar. Following our aspirations for a zero-impact existence, we quickly realized the pulp from juicing was a gold mine of nutrients and Jusu Body was born — using organic pulp-infusions to nourish your skin the same way our juices nourish your core.

Skin is your body’s biggest organ. Feed it something healthy.

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