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Skincare you can feel good about, inside and out.

Natural care for every body

Jusu bath and body products will leave you feeling cleansed, hydrated and restored from the neck down. Free from synthetic additives, this is 100% food-grade, pulp-infused goodness for your skin.

Put your best face forward

Gently and effectively cleanse, nourish, hydrate and protect your skin with Jusu’s all-natural, pulp-infused facial care collection. A radiant complexion is yours, no matter what your skin type.

Hair care that goes to great lengths

A complete range of natural cleansing, conditioning, styling and grooming products that strengthen, soften and restore, all without harsh ingredients or chemicals.

Every Body is Loving it

Every Ingredient is Essential

Every Ingredient is Essential

We’re committed to transparency. Greenwashing is common in the skincare and beauty industry, and sometimes products labelled as natural are far from it. Jusu Body is made with 100% natural and naturally sourced, food-grade ingredients. Use our Jusupedia glossary to find out more about each one. What you put on or in your body shouldn’t be a mystery.

Our Story

Our Story

Jusu Body’s organic roots sprouted in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada with our premium cold-press juice bar. We opened the flagship Jusu Bar in 2014. Our belief in a zero-impact lifestyle quickly made us realize the juicing pulp was a nutrient gold mine, and Jusu Body was born. After all, what’s better than using juices to nourish your core and organic pulp infusions to nourish your skin?

“Inspiring good health and creating conscious, clean, beautiful body products. That’s what Jusu is all about.”

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